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Build your brand with Harrix Groups’ dedicated digital solutions targeting students. Having originally cut our teeth in marketing events aimed at student life, our experience in targeting this vast group is driven to success. Our tailored solutions feed success, from targeted ads to engaging content strategies, maximising brand visibility, generating leads, and converting all controlled by our data-driven approach. Trust us as your strategic partner in digital solutions targeting students and achieve your goals. 


Welcome to Harrix Group Student Marketing, your trusted partner in targeting students across the UK.

Our journey in student marketing started in 2002, when the two founders met at the entrance of a small club ‘Los Locos’ in Covent Garden. Within six weeks, they joined forces and began organising events. These initial events enabled the partners to continuously learn about the crucial student and youth market. Now, after 21 years, we operate one of the largest student event companies in the UK, catering to over 250,000 customers annually through a whole series of websites and events.  

It is not only our deep understanding of the audience that sets us apart. It is also our ability to adapt to evolving trends over time. While flyering and postering were popular marketing methods in the early 2000’s, embracing the power of social media and influencers is now the trend. Harrix Group has consistently remained at the forefront of emerging trends in order to achieve ongoing success in this dynamic market.
We have successfully executed many marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients, from small SMEs to renowned companies such as Deliveroo, Hello Fresh, Uber, AEG, TEG, Live Nation, and various other household brands. Our capabilities span from sampling campaigns to on-campus marketing, building dedicated teams of university representatives, and nationwide event sponsorship activations. There is no marketing goal we cannot achieve, and our wealth of experience and expertise is simply unmatched.
If you’re looking to target students, reach out to us today. We will be thrilled to collaborate with you leveraging our insights and resources to create a successful campaign perfectly tailored to the unique needs of the student and youth market.



We are dedicated to building a business strategy that ensures the correct goals are reached within a captivating yet innovative market place. We first analyse the interests of the student target audience matching this to current trends and online opportunities finally, by understanding your competitors, we will build a strategy that delivers synergies and drives to the heart of your marketplace. As we understand specifically the student market, we know the ideal media platforms where they congregate. This enables us to set monthly goals that enable our dedicated team to report on effectiveness and build continued growth that engages.


There are many ways to target students from simply handing out flyers through sampling campaigns to putting on a dedicated event. Once we understand the goals of your campaign and the intended student based target, our expert team will detail the ideal way to attract this audience in order to answer each goal you set.


There are many partnership opportunities targeting the student market place. From sponsorships to event organisation. Harrix Group have a dedicated team aimed entirely at this opportunity – we call it iPromotor and it delivers a truly personalised service aimed at every aspect of event organisation from a particular student night to bespoke event. We are now putting on festivals across the UK. A second opportunity here is aimed at ticketing and again, Harrix Group have a dedicated website to cover this tricky area for you called Student Event Tickets which now organizes more than 200 events each year, establishing Harrix as experts at understanding the needs and preferences of this important demographic.


Student life has become synonimous with freshers as one area students will talk of for ever. Although freshers takes most of the headlines, do not forget Halloween and Christmas as these two are excellent opportunities target students.


Our in-house staffing specialists provide exceptional event and hospitality staff. We are passionate about staffing and take pride in our sterling reputation for delivering flawless staffing services. Our solutions cover a broad range of roles, including brand ambassadors, on street hand outs, bar teams, event hosts, event teams, seasonal and promotional staffing. These teams range from a single person to two hundred and fifty + members of staff.


We all understand that a well-crafted digital marketing strategy is essential for online success however, this is even more important when targeting students as it tends to be the place they congregate. By answering the specific algorithms that the likes of Google set, you will enable your website to win against your online competition forming the ideal foundation for your entire campaign. Paid or ‘sponsored’ opportunities exist through both Google and social platforms thus enabling a highly targeted process of delivering opportunities. Social media is the cohort for students and therefore a well-crafted social campaign targeting the platforms that your audience frequents is absolutely imperative. Finally, email marketing is an excellent opportunity to put ideas or events directly in front of the target audience you are after. A well devised digital strategy will drive visitors and engagement and turn these important metrics into conversion and profit.

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