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Immerse yourself in an exhilarating, interactive encounter with your audience. Harrix Live offers an exceptional platform to directly engage with your target audience, creating memorable events and dynamic face-to-face experiences. We take pride in delivering highly effective, results-driven promotional campaigns and experiential activations tailored to your specific requirements. With our expertise, we transform your vision into reality, ensuring an engaging and impactful connection with your audience. Step into the realm of Harrix Live and unlock the potential of experiential marketing to leave a lasting impression on your target market.


Live Marketing and promotional Campaigns

We believe in the power of live marketing to connect, inspire, and create unforgettable memories. Our team of activation experts and creative technologists are passionate about crafting immersive and engaging experiences that captivate your target audience.

We understand the power of live experiences and the impact they have on your brand and audience. Our team will collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and desired outcomes, tailoring our solutions to create unique and memorable experience that perfectly match your vision.

Elevate your activations creating unforgettable experiences and make sure your audience are talking about you. Call us today to chat through your live needs and discover how we will transform your on street marketing into extraordinary moments.


Live Marketing production

From concept development and planning to execution and post-event analysis, we handle all aspects of live marketing production which is also known as activation. Our experienced teams ensure that every detail is taken care of, creating a seamless and memorable experience for your target audience.

promotional Staff

Our promotional teams are trained to inspire a memorable activation. By promoting your company they help boost brand awareness and win new business. Targeted to deliver these memorable moments ensures your face to face activation is always positive.

Brand Ambassadors

Enhance your activation with the power of influential brand ambassadors. We understand the impact that well-chosen and well trained brand ambassadors has on your brand image and audience engagement. Our Brand Ambassadors can appear at your events, trade shows, in store, on tours and even as promotional staff and on street teams.

Leaflet Distributors

Whether it’s shop drops and postering, door to door flyering, or rush hour periods outside busy tube and mainline stations, we have fully briefed and trained staff at extremely competitive prices.

Product Sampling

Whether it’s food samples in a supermarket, giveaways outside a train station, or beauty product demonstrations in a department store, our demonstration and sampling staff are there to engage with your customers, explain the features and benefits of your product and entice consumers to try and buy.

Experiential Marketing

By delivering an experience to your target audience that they will remember, will drive your brand and products to the people that are actually buying. We work with marketing agencies and directly with brands to help them arrange locations, logistics and staffing for their engaging experiential campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing

This can be way more cost effective than traditional marketing. By relying on smaller, more localised bricks and mortar based ideas such as Graffiti, Stencilled Graffiti, Reverse Graffiti (clean streets), Stickers, Posters, Flash Mobs, Stealth Marketing, Treasure Hunts and Publicity Stunts. The list is endless in ways we can make use of the environment we all live and work in to make your business memorable.

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