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Unlock the full potential of your business with Harrix Hospitality, for hospitality focussed marketing services. As industry professionals, we seamlessly merge the digital and physical realms, infusing a human touch into every facet of your interconnected marketing strategy. With an unwavering passion for the hospitality industry, our team boasts years of dedicated expertise. From charming cafes, trendy coffee shops, and vibrant bars to exquisite restaurants, luxurious hotels, captivating nightclubs, and unforgettable events, we proudly stand as the premier marketing agency delivering marketing services to the hospitality sector.


Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy

It takes specific know how and dedicated experience to deliver targeted marketing within the hospitality industry. With many years’ experience, Harrix Group are perfectly placed to deliver strategy, marketing collateral and brand exposure for your event, venue or business.

We are experts in hospitality and our experienced team specialise in ensuring you are first found and that, through meticulous planning and management, deliver extraordinary moments for you and your guests. We bring your vision to life.

Our extensive experience and impeccable reputation within this industry, means Harrix Hospitality is your one stop shop for marketing and visibility services targeted specifically towards hospitality. Speak to us today to feel the difference!


Strategy and Insight

We are dedicated to building a business strategy that ensures distinctive designs are captivating yet innovative. We first analyse the interests of your target audience matching this to current trends and online opportunities finally, by understanding your competitors, we can build a strategy that delivers synergies and drives to the heart of your marketplace. As we understand the ideal media platforms, we can set monthly goals that enable our dedicated team to report on effectiveness and build continued growth that engage your teams and your guests.

Enhance your image

Your visual collateral should leave a lasting impression. Your menus, flyers and posters will drive recognition and amplify your brand’s image captivating your guests. Our design team are experts within your industry and have the know-how and flare to deliver a complete suite of design services, including all digital formats, hard copy prints, and further distribution to all of your online assets ensuring maximum visibility.


Every event or individual venue should inspire its clientele with the creation of visual content. From professional photoshoots through individual event photography to video production, each is an opportunity to deliver a visual representation of your brand directly to your guests. These images will be formatted to deliver an inspiring gallery directly on your website, on your social media and also on your printed media as well as all other media assets. 

Website Design and Creation

Every event and venue should have an online representation to ensure their respective clientele are engaged and have all details required. This should be delivered in an inspiring way that provides a visual representation of your event but, at the same time, must ensure online visibility is maximised to drive conversion. Harrix Design have a dedicated team of in-house graphic designers that can create branding, event literature, marketing collateral or website design across all media and devices. Perfectly placed to cover everything from a website refresh to managing seasonal updates, we ensure your audience remain updated and inspired.

Digital marketing

We all understand that a well crafted digital marketing strategy is essential for online success within the hospitality industry. By answering the specific algorithms that the likes of Google set, you will enable your website to win against your online competition driving visitors and engagement. A well devised digital strategy ultimately drives conversions and profit and should therefore be the foundation for your entire digitised campaign.

Paid Advertising

Once you have a dedicated channel on social media, there is the opportunity to boost this content directly into the arena that your potential audience are using thus ensuring cost effective visibility at the earliest opportunity. This same operation can be utilised on global networks such as Google to hunt out your specific audience and again build your brand awareness. These campaigns will effectively promote your business, helping to drive website enquiries, reservations, private dining, and seasonal events. This can be coupled with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase organic online visibility again within platforms like Google; turning internet traffic into an engaged audience and converting clicks to bums on seats.

Social Media

People buy from people and are influenced by their friends and peers therefore, Social media as a peer to peer platform is ideal to deliver engaging and informative content that ultimately reaches your target audiences. This visibility will not only drive engagement but also delivers brand awareness, and therefore must remain aligned with your overarching marketing strategy. Harrix Hospitality are experts within this arena and understand your business and audience, we are able to craft well thought out content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Print Media

Our team will transform your ideas into print-ready reality. Your brand identity should not only mirror your business ethos but also be optimised for all media platforms. Our designers specialise in creating custom, brand-specific designs that will captivate and excite your target audience.   

Seasonal Marketing services

Tailoring your marketing efforts to match the season is a powerful way to connect with your audience, evoke emotion, and drive engagement. We will capitalise on the high traffic that circulates around profitable times of the year, with a curated marketing calendar tailored to your business.


Our in-house staffing specialists provide exceptional event and hospitality staff. We are passionate about events and take pride in our sterling reputation for delivering flawless staffing services. Our solutions cover a broad range of roles, including bar teams, event hosts, event teams, seasonal and promotional staffing and from one to two hundred and fifty + members of staff.

Partner Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of our clients digital and physical advertising! As hospitality experts, we have specialised knowledge regarding items such as different booking platforms and influencer marketing and will therefore guide you to ensure these are all utilised in exactly the way that will maximise your visibility. We work with people we like on projects we love!

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