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Unlock the full potential of your business with Harrix Group, for hospitality focussed marketing services.


Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy

Delivering precise marketing in the hospitality industry requires specific expertise and dedicated experience. With years of experience, Harrix Group is well-equipped to provide strategic planning, marketing materials, and brand exposure for your event, venue, or business.

As hospitality experts, we excel in ensuring your visibility and orchestrating extraordinary moments for you and your guests through careful planning and management. We’re here to bring your vision to life.

With our extensive experience and stellar reputation in the industry, Harrix Group is your go-to for targeted marketing and visibility services tailored specifically to hospitality. Contact us today to experience the difference!


Strategy and Insight

We focus on crafting a business plan that combines eye-catching designs with fresh ideas. Our process involves studying your audience's preferences, aligning them with current trends and online possibilities. By also examining your competitors, we create a strategy that connects with your market. Knowing the best media platforms, we set monthly goals for our team to track progress and foster ongoing growth, keeping both your team and customers engaged.

Enhance your image

Make sure your visual materials stand out and leave a lasting mark. Your menus, flyers, posters and printed collateral play a key role in boosting your brand's image and attracting guests. Our experienced design team specialises in your field and has the skills and creativity to provide a full range of design services, covering digital formats, print copies, and distribution across all your online platforms, guaranteeing maximum exposure.


Visual content is essential for every event or venue to captivate its audience. Whether it's professional photoshoots, event photography, or video production, each opportunity allows you to showcase your brand to your guests. These images will be tailored to create an inspiring gallery on your website, optimised for social media, and printed materials, ensuring consistent representation across all platforms.

Website Design and Creation

Every event and venue needs an online presence to keep their audience engaged and informed. It's crucial that this representation is visually appealing and maximises online visibility to boost conversions. At Harrix Group, our in-house team of graphic designers can create branding, event materials, marketing assets, and website designs that work seamlessly across all devices. Whether you need a website refresh or help with seasonal updates, we make sure your audience stays informed and inspired.

Digital marketing

A strong digital marketing plan is crucial for success in the hospitality industry. By optimising your website to meet Google's algorithms, you can outshine your online competitors and attract more guest visits to your site, which will improve engagement. A smart digital strategy leads to increased conversions and profits, making it the cornerstone of your entire online campaign.

Paid Advertising

Once you've established a dedicated social media presence, you can amplify your content directly to where your potential audience is, ensuring cost-effective visibility right away. You can also extend this approach to global networks like Google to target your specific audience and enhance brand recognition. These campaigns effectively promote your business, driving website inquiries, reservations, private dining, and seasonal events. Combining this with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) further boosts your online visibility on platforms like Google, turning web traffic into an engaged audience and converting clicks into guest bookings.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool because people trust recommendations from friends and peers. As a peer-to-peer platform, it's perfect for sharing engaging and informative content that reaches your target audience. This visibility not only boosts engagement but also raises brand awareness, so it's crucial to align it with your overall marketing strategy. At Harrix Group, we excel in this area. With our understanding of your business and audience, we create carefully crafted content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Print Media

Our team will transform your ideas into print-ready reality. Your brand identity should not only mirror your business ethos but also be optimised for all media platforms. Our designers specialise in creating custom, brand-specific designs that will captivate and excite your target audience.  

Seasonal Marketing services

Our team will transform your ideas into print-ready reality. Your brand identity should not only mirror your business ethos but also be optimised for all media platforms. Our designers specialise in creating custom, brand-specific designs that will captivate and excite your target audience. We will capitalise on the high traffic that circulates around profitable times of the year, with a curated marketing calendar tailored to your business.


Our in-house staffing specialists provide exceptional event and hospitality team members. We are passionate about events and take pride in our sterling reputation for delivering flawless staffing services. Our solutions cover a broad range of roles, including bar teams, event hosts, event teams, seasonal and promotional teams, and supporting hotels with various roles, from two to a thousand plus members of staff.

Partner Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of our clients digital and physical advertising! As hospitality experts, we have specialised knowledge regarding items such as various booking platforms, influencer marketing and supplier support and will therefore guide you to ensure these are all utilised in exactly the way that will maximise your visibility and increase revenue. We work with people we like on projects we love!

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