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Case Study


TSE Power is a leading player in the power solutions industry, specialising in providing innovative and reliable electrical products and services. 

The Brief

The goal was to capture images during a staff training day, where Schneider Electric would be training the team in their services. The focus was on showcasing the TSE Power team, the equipment, and the warehouse environment. They also wanted to showcase branded elements such as clothing, products, and their vans. 

Our Solution


We created a strategy to align with TSE Power's objectives, planning the photoshoot to cover key aspects of the training day, ensuring a diverse range of images are captured. 

Before the photoshoot, we created a shot list of what we needed to capture, with an importance of capturing the collaboration between TSE Power and Schneider Electric. 

Throughout the day, we managed the logistics for the shoot and ensured that the content that was captured was both dynamic and engaging. 


The content was edited and implemented into social media schedules and their website. 

Their online visibility grew, and they experienced an increase in engagement across their social media platforms, with comments increasing on posts and accounts surpassing follower milestones.