Harrix Group – We Do Marketing

Case Study

indu is an industry first beauty brand, created for and driven by teenagers. This innovative brand comprises skincare, makeup and a new-to-market category; “colourless”, for teens. 

The Brief

The brief was to launch their brand in front of their target audience; and have content related to both parents and teens.

Our primary target audience were 13–17 year olds, however we also targeted 18–19 year olds and parents of 13–17 year olds.

Our Solution


When the brand launched in September 2023, we delivered ads on TikTok and Instagram promoting indu as a new teen beauty brand to their various target audiences. 

To achieve our objectives we used a Brand Awareness campaign to get the brand in front of their target audiences, Traffic campaigns to drive users to the site to explore their collections as and when they dropped and Conversion campaigns to drive event sign ups and product purchases.


In under 3 months we reached 1M Users and 6M Impressions. This successfully continued through the year, launching specific Black Friday and Christmas campaigns towards the end of 2023.