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Case Study


Nestled in Epping, Funky Monk is the epitome of British hospitality, crafting seasonal British food with a selection of boutique and traditional wines.

The Brief

Our primary goal was to uplift their brand presence, aligning it to the venue’s commitment to refined dining and entertainment. Making a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, ensuring that reservations and accessing event information is simple to increase bookings.

Our Solution


Our team took to reshaping the venue's brand identity. Crafting a logo that resonates with the refined tastes of the target audience, we successfully embodied the sophistication and charm synonymous with the establishment. Simultaneously, we initiated a comprehensive website redesign, with an unwavering focus on both form and function. The redesigned website now stands as a digital showcase, strategically engineered to captivate and convert, enticing a wave of new users to effortlessly engage and book. With creativity and functionality at the forefront, our team has woven a narrative that beckons The Funky Monk's audience into an elevated and memorable digital journey.


The outcome is a seamlessly redesigned website for The Funky Monk that impeccably reflects the venue’s vision. This user-friendly platform makes booking effortlessly accessible, inviting patrons to explore and engage with the enriched online experience. Take a glimpse at the enhanced website here.