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Case Study

Digital, Design, Live

Offering personal training across London, FITSTUDIOZ was on a mission to create a buzz around their name and tell the public why they should choose them rather than anyone else.

The Brief

FITSTUDIOZ wanted to boost their brand presence in London and get more people signing up for personal training sessions.

Our Solution


We enhanced their social media presence by working alongside their current personal trainer team. We received content from in-person workouts training clients, and edited this to fit their brand guidelines.

We also implemented a community management strategy which sent 40 messages a day to potential personal trainers looking to use their services. This generated a whole new cohort of clients, allowing the FITSTUDIOZ team to then open a branch in Clapham, Fulham and more coming soon.


Before creating any marketing material, we focused on creating a new visual identity for FITSTUDIOZ. After discussing with the client, their initial branding felt out of date and was very basic so we came up with the plan to add patterns, change typography and edit the logo.


Our live team were distributed across London to hand out flyers promoting their Holborn brand and enticing personal trainers to save money when buying packs of booth bookings. Our team were in branded clothing and situated in Holborn pointing users to the digital billboard and directing them to the gym.


The result was a large cohort of interested personal trainers, that the FITSTUDIOZ sales team then converted into clients. Our communication had to be top notch, in order to liaise with the sales team and turn these leads from potentials into confirmed revenue streams.

In regards to design, it was key to showcase their brand values (Dependent, Passionate, Supporting) visibly on their website. We redesigned their logo to be a FITSTUDIOZ star, and implemented new images taken at their photoshoot.

Harrix Group have been an asset to the business since the second they were introduced.

They have grasped the FITSTUDIOZ ethos immediately. Understanding our fun yet direct approach to the industry. They’re quick to dream big and always share our vision. They do an incredible competitor analysis each month, a tool we’ve really learnt to value.

Communication is brilliant, both with myself as well as our contractors and customers. Proactivity is spot on, event attending some of our site events to show support, get to know our customers and get involved.

Keep doing what you’re doing, FITSTUDIOZ is hugely grateful for what you do!