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Case Study

FITSTUDIOZ are leaving the existing archaic ‘solutions’ shook.

Founder; Sebastian Ferrari, with his passion and drive reflects FITSTUDIOZ’s promise; we’re here to revolutionise the industry for the better and provide a true career path for every aspiring personal trainer.

The Brief

FITSTUDIOZ approached us wanting to increase the number of personal trainers that they have on their rota. They were only getting new PT’s from word of mouth, or people walking past the studio, not generating new leads and potentials. 

We informed them that we would start generating them leads through social media outreach. Every week we collated a list of their competitors’ followers and sent them specific messages inviting them to come and visit one of the studios in London. 

Our Solution


We could see that our competitors weren’t completing outreach or even engaging with users that commented on their photos, so our main aim was to build a community as quickly as possible so people would start buying into the brand. 

Our team worked around the clock replying to all previous and current comments and began to really build a digital community of FITSTUDIOZ PT’s that have now become brand ambassadors. 


We sent around 40 daily outreach messages to competitors’ followers inviting them to come and visit us at one of our studios, or arranging a call so they can ask any questions they may have with one of our team. 

Once they had visited the studios, we simply had to explain the money they would be saving if they trained their clients at a FITSTUDIOZ instead of a Nuffield, Pure Gym or Virgin Active.

Within 2 months, we had more new personal trainers training at the studios than all their PT’s combined previously.