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Harrix Automotive seamlessly merge digital marketing and the physical realm, placing the human element at the heart of your marketing service. With an unwavering passion for the automotive industry, we have the expertise to captivate, retain, and exhilarate your audience, driving your brand towards success. Our motorcycle division features renowned brands like 44Teeth, Baron Von Grumble, and DR Bikes, collectively reaching over 500,000 UK bikers. In the realm of cars, we excel in managing prestigious events such as the Modball Rally and working directly with BTCC drivers. We will ignite your automotive brand and accelerate its impact in the industry using digital marketing.


Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry

Harrix Automotive are a group of marketing specialists that have expertise in event planning and asset management individually targeted towards the automotive industry. We drive visibility and deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact on your intended audience and maximises engagement.

We understand the unique requirements and expectations of this dynamic sector and can answer your needs specifically. No matter if you have an event planned or general online assets to manage, we understand your intended audience, how to target them and will drive return for your online investment.

Here at Harrix Automotive, we are passionate about the motor industry and deliver exceptional experiences based on our clients specific needs. Our team’s dedication, creativity, and industry expertise make us the perfect partner for your next automotive event. Contact us today to discuss your event objectives and let us create a customised plan that brings your vision to life.



Our team of marketing experts specifically tailored to the automotive industry. Our understanding of the market and its audience makes us uniquely qualified to help brands create effective campaigns and connect with their target audience. We start by understanding your particular requirement, working closely with you to understand your audience, goals and desired outcomes.

We handle all aspects of planning to conceptualisation including logistics and on-site coordination. Our specialist on site staffing agency can also staff any event with your very own dedicated brand ambassadors. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure a seamless and successful event execution.


Our group includes renowned brands such as 44Teeth, the largest digital motorcycle magazine and YouTube channel in the UK, as well as Baron Von Grumble and DR Bikes. With a collective audience reach of over 500,000 bikers in the UK, we offer exceptional access and knowledge for brands targeting this unique audience.


We work with automotive personalities, racers and influencers and create successful marketing campaigns for your business. We have also worked closely with high-profile figures such as British Touring Car driver Dan Cammish, facilitating sponsorships and personal appearances. Additionally, we helped Go Puff with their F1 partnership, organising an unforgettable event that included a McLaren and two F1 drivers in Tower Hill, Central London.

Social media

By using social media platforms, companies can reach and engage with new audiences, share updates about their business, and increase brand awareness. Our knowledge of the automotive industry allows us to understand what kind of content resonates with potential customers.


We take pride in crafting unforgettable automotive events tailored to your specific objectives. From product launches to brand events, our team of experts deliver creativity, attention to detail, and industry knowledge to every project.


As industry experts, we recognise the importance of fostering connections within the automotive industry. Our events provide a platform for networking, bringing together key stakeholders, industry experts, and influencers. By facilitating meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing, we help you build valuable relationships that will drive future collaborations and business opportunities.

Website design and creation

Our team of inhouse designers provide professional website design and development services personally tailored to the automotive industry. We will help you create a custom-made website that stands out from the crowd and resonates with your target audience however, our point of real difference is that this will be delivered in a way that ensures it works within Google. We understand the complex needs of companies in the automotive sector, so we take great care in crafting innovative solutions to maximise user engagement.

Digital marketing

We all understand that a well-crafted digital marketing strategy is essential for online success within the automotive industry. By answering the specific algorithms that the likes of Google set, you will enable your website to win against your online competition driving visitors and engagement. No matter if you need to build a secure foundation for long term success with SEO or need immediate return on your investment with PPC, a well devised digital strategy ultimately drives conversions and profit and should therefore be the foundation for your entire digitised campaign.

social Media

These peer to peer platforms mean people buy from people and are influenced by their friend groups. By answering the specific needs of your audience, your assets will effectively engage enabling them to share updates increasing your brand awareness. Our specific knowledge of the automotive industry means we understand what content resonates with potential customers and this means we drive more.

print Media

Our team will transform your ideas into print-ready reality. Your brand identity should not only mirror your business ethos but also be optimised for many media platforms. Our designers specialise in creating custom, brand-specific designs that will captivate and excite your target audience. 

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